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Mayur's Blog - ASP.NET MVC DateTime Type Binding with Current Culture
# Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Today I wondered why the values inserted by jQuery date picker were not properly parsed by default ASP.NET MVC model binder. I discovered that date picker was following US format (mm/dd/yyyy); however, model binder was following the UK format (dd/mm/yyyy).

I thought to override the model binder for dateTime type. Then I thought it may be too much work and there has to be some easier way. I started looking into ASP.NET MVC web.config structure and found that I could specify the current culture.

I added the following <globalization> element to the <system.web></system.web>






It solved my problem and model binder was able to parse the date picker's value and model was properly filled in with required dateTime values.

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