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Mayur's Blog - Sync Mobile App Data using SQL Server Change Tracker API
# Monday, April 13, 2020

If your mobile app needs a functionality to sync data because mobile app supports online and offline modes, then SQL Server Change Tracker service could be one of the options you may think about.

The idea is that mobile app can remember the last version of data. When data needs to be synced, this version number can be provided to SQL Server and SQL Server can return the updates need to happen to the app. SQL Server Change Tracker service queries charge tracker logs based on the provided data version and prepares a list of updates. SQL Server can communicate using JSON. This JSON has a list of objects. Each object conveys information such as what type of operation it is, i.e. insert, delete or update, name of a field that needs to be operated and value of the field.

There is a detailed blog article provided by Microsoft Program Manager. Here is the link.

There is also a video that you may like to watch.

I came across this nice article and thought to share this with you. I hope that this may be a useful link for your next and/or current mobile development project.

Thank you for visiting and spending some time!!

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